Fondant Tips

Fondant Tips:

Tip #1
: Use vodka or everclear to glue pieces together. Gumpaste glue works too but it gets moldy so you have to make a fresh glue each time you work with it. Vodka doesn't spoil & dries very quick. I use the Cricut Machine Water Brush to apply vodka to my pieces

Tip #2: When dying fondant, dye a small ball then add more white. It's easier to add the color to a smaller amount. Try to make your colors a day ahead. The color becomes more intense overnight.

Tip #3: To add more color after your piece is done, fill a small spray bottle with vodka. Add a little dye. Shake & then spray your piece. Make sure to wear gloves and spray over a piece of cardboard. Set on a drying rack to dry for 24 hours.

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