January 21, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday

I just returned to the states after spending two weeks at my sisters in China.  During that time we celebrated her husband's birthday, her son's birthday & the birth of their daughter (on her son's 2nd birthday, no less).  

I took lots of cookies with me to celebrate the above occasions... and a few days after I arrived my nephew, Sal, and I baked a cake for his dad's birthday & his birthday.   I was impressed that he knew what vanilla extract was and got it from the pantry & he knew how the mixer worked, although I helped him use it.  I took a funfetti cake mix with me because I wasn't sure what would be available to me over there. He did a really good job for being a few days shy of 2 years old.

All the ingredients are out..we're ready to start

Putting eggs in the mix

Blowing the candles out..he said "all done" and clapped when he blew out the candle..
So cute! 

Happy 2nd Birthday!

One of his favorite books is "The Little Blue Truck"
so I made some using the bus cutter that Sugarbelle designed for Karenscookies.net
and the pick up truck below with his dog "Tess" in the back.  
He has a stuffed dog and her name is "Tess". 

We also celebrated the birth of their daughter, Carla Denise.
She was born on Sal's 2nd Birthday...
I see many dual birthday parties in the future & 
can't wait to design special treats for both of them. 

On the 9th of January, we celebrated my brother in law's birthday...
If you can't tell, he's a big Steeler's Fan 

What a fun filled two weeks it was with so many things to 

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Brie said...

Thankyou for everything!

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