August 24, 2013

Nautical Baby

I had my sister help me design this set via Skype.  I think she was secretly hoping I'd send them to her since she loves everything and anything nautical but this set wasn't for her.  I will have to come up with a girly version of the above set for her baby girl due to be born in January.   

I'm learning to LOVE my airbrush.  I bought it for under $30 when Duff had a sale on his website back in October or November.  I admit, it sat in the box on my shelf for many months before I had enough nerve to test it out.  I try to bring it out at least once a month.  If you are looking for stencils, go check out Salsa Sweets .  Her stencils are great & she ships them out really fast!   The chevron stencil worked great to add some color the the sailboat sail.

Thanks to my sis for all her help with this set 
even if you are 6,000+ miles away 


Jackie@The Cookie Corner AZ said...

I LOVE these! I just got an order for baby shower cookies with the exact color scheme-- My question for you is how did you get the navy and white together without any bleed? After I accepted the order, I then panicked about the navy bleed!

Thx- Jackie over at The Cookie Corner said...

Hi Jackie,
I didn't do anything to keep it from bleeding. I haven't had any bleeding issues with Navy & white.


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