January 14, 2013

Steeler's Cookies

It's no secret that my brother-in-law, Nick, is a huge Steelers fan so for his birthday 
I cut out some jerseys, helmets & footballs.  I shipped this set of cookies along with his son's 1st birthday cookies.   Took them 20 days to get to China but they said they were still tasty with a few casualties.  Fortunately my sister has no problem eating broken cookies :) 

I will admit the Steelers emblem made me feel challenged but in reality it was so easy.
I used the "wet on wet" method and piped a drop of red, yellow and blue inside the white circle.  I then took a toothpick and drug out each corner so it would look like a diamond.  
Fast & easy... just how I like it.     

I'm sure they had black mouths after 
eating this cookie

Happy Birthday Nick! 

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