January 13, 2013

Sal's 1st Birthday

They say time flies when you are having fun.. 
It sure does!   It is hard to believe that my nephew, Sal, was born
a year ago today! 

So happy to meet "The Boy"

The first 5 months of his life I spent as much time as possible with him & my sister
before the moved to China in June 2012.    Now I visit with them via Skype & thankfully my sister is great at emailing me movies & photos so I get to watch him master new skills.   I will be visiting them this spring & am looking forward to my trip. 

I shipped cookies to China for his 1st Birthday Party along with non-pareils & a "1" candle for my sister to make him a birthday cake.  He did a great job smashing it and shoving as much as he could in his face until he tried to throw it and then they decided he was done :)
Happy 1st Birthday Sal! 
We LOVE you!

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