October 24, 2012


Over the last year or so my cookie cutter collection has grown and I have ended up with a few duplicates.
Never get rid of a duplicate cutter because sometimes it comes in handy when you need an odd shape & don't have that cutter in your collection.   I took a metal football cutter (as pictured below) and bent it into the shape of an Aspen leaf.  It worked perfectly and who needs 2 football cutters anyway?   

I think Aspen trees are one of the most gorgeous trees ever. 
We flew over Colorado enroute to New York last year and  looking down the colorsof the aspens was amazing from 30,000 feet above.  I have added a trip to see this on my bucket list hope someday to visit Colorado during the fall so I can experience the changing of the season in person.  My cousin, Jenifer of I Do Weddings, snapped this shot a few weeks ago while driving near Battle Mountain Pass... isn't it gorgeous?

I flooded the cookies with egg yellow royal icing
using Americolors - Egg Yellow then I did the veining with brown royal
icing.   I belong to a cookie group and I had them vote on the different colors of veining..
the brown added the most depth & came out great.  Once the cookies were dry
I sprayed with Duff's Graffiti gold spray.

October 23, 2012

Tutorial: Owl Cookies

The owl cookies for my Harry Potter set are far easier than they look.
I drew a tulip shape on paper and used that for the base of the owl transfer.

Start with your shape and flood alternating  areas so they don't blend 
over the lines

Once the flooding is dry, add feathers to the wings and belly

Re-outline the wings and belly to add depth.
I used my favorite PME  tip1.5 for the outlining

There you have it..an owl made with a tulip shape! 

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