September 28, 2012

Tutorial: Eyeglass Cookies

I use to be intimidated by freehand piping but it can be easy if you draw your design on paper or print an image from the internet, you can use a sharp object (I used a roasting pin) and press it into the icing so you have a basic guide.

Place your image on top of a dry cookie

Gently press the roasting pin into the royal icing to make an indention

See the holes the pin left?  
Pipe on top of the holes

And there you have it.. A perfect pair of spectacles!

Well almost perfect, see my boo boo ^  I missed covering a few of the holes

Have you tried this yourself? Do you have an easier way to do this? if so, let me know

September 24, 2012

Harry Potter

I grew up with Calvin & Caleb's mom, Jennifer. Jennifer & I became friends when her family moved in across the street in July 1975. Our neighborhood was so great, we had so many kids and we all played from the time the sun came up til the time the sun set (or when our mom's called us in). I made this set of cookies for the boy's birthdays.

Her boys are in to Harry Potter. I haven't picked up a Harry Potter book or movie so I had to do a little Googling and spend some time on Pinterest to find ideas. I found this set by Simply Sweets by Honeybee  and fell in love with her colors & designs.  I wanted to keep my shapes all square so they would be sturdy enough to ship and hopefully not break.   The plaque cutter is from Plastics in Print.  They are one of my favorite cookie cutter makers now.  I have 5 of their cutters and 3 more should be arriving this week.  They load their store on Fridays and it sells out pretty quickly.  I've received all my orders within 4-5 days which is pretty quick if you ask me.

I will be working on a few tutorials for the Harry Potter cookies.  I used royal icing transfers for most of the cookies.  They work up much faster this way and it's easier to keep designs uniform.  To do a transfer, draw a design on paper, then lay wax paper over it. Pipe the outline, wait about 5 minutes and then fill.   I'll show you later in the week as I get the tutorials done.  Once they are dry,  pipe & flood your cookie, then carefully peel off the royal icing transfer and place it gently on top of the wet icing on your cookie... simple as that!   It's good to always make a few extra transfers because some will break.  Sugarbelle makes royal icing transfers (Eyes, ribbon roses and flower centers) with left over icing which is a great idea..better than throwing it away & it speeds up future projects.
Rustic Red icing was made by mixing Americolor
3 parts Super Red & 1 part Warm Brown

I used vanilla extract and a little dye to color in the face on the sorting hat
Nimbus 3000


The Harry Potter Set

Happy Birthday Caleb & Calvin!!

September 19, 2012

The Hunter

Remember the bike cake I made for my cousin's husband a few months back..
this cake is so similar but it's a hunter's cake instead.
I made the hunter sitting down (haven't figured out how to make a standing figure yet) so he's just nearly passed out from a great day of hunting.

I used ice cream cones for tree supports for the first time ever.  I glued the fondant on with royal icing to make sure it would stick.  The ice cream cones worked much better than my prior attempts with strays as the support.

The "wooden" signs were made with Duff's woodgrain texture plate, fondant, PIP plaque cutter, petal dust & royal icing. Plastics in Print (PIP) is a new company that specializes in plastic cookie cutters at great prices. They will even make your logo into a cookie cutter/cookie imprint. ..pretty cool.  Their prices are great and shipping is very quick especially considering most of the cutters are made to order.  Their inventory is a little low right now as they are just getting started and didn't expect the huge success of their business right away.  They opened shop, everyone ordered like crazy so they put their shop on "vacation" to fulfill all the initial orders.  They reopened Friday, September 14th and have already sold most their listings.  I ordered another plaque and a chevron impression cookie cutter.  Can't wait til they arrive.

The Wilton wonder pan that is used for Barbie cakes has been handy to use for mountain cakes. I made 2 of them and cut one down a few inches so the mountians had different heights.  

Happy 50th Steve!!

September 12, 2012

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

If you love Mickey & Minnie, you will love this set!   

Lately I find myself using both fondant & royal icing for cupcake toppers because it speeds the process up.  Did you know you can freeze royal icing for use later? Yep, you can!  Simply put it in airtight containers or a Ziploc bag and freeze. To thaw, set it on the counter and bring it to room temp.  This makes me so happy because it means I don’t have to make a big batch for a small project and can keep some on hand for times when I need to write on a banner, make quick flower centers or in this case… make polka dots on some cute little red cupcake toppers. 

flower centers made with royal icing

There are several Mickey cutters in my cookie cutter collection. For this set I used my Mickey gingerbread cutter from Disneyland (Thanks to my friend, SV, for gifting it to me last Christmas..she knows what I like) for the Minnie heads.  It’s one of my favorite cutters in my collection and it’s easy to trim off the body so you have a perfect Minnie/Mickey head

It takes a lot of dye to make red & black fondant.  I grew lazy in the last few months and bought pre-made red & black fondant.  I was constantly being asked what was wrong with my hands after dying fondant & think it’s probably better for me not to be absorbing the dye through my skin (is that what’s wrong with me?)

You see Minnie’s bow? Years ago I bought this set of cutters and  remember thinking, “I’ll never use this cutter but I’ve used the shoe cutter quite often for Tinkerbell’s shoes and flipflops.  It made the bow work up really fast.  I pressed the center together and added a little ball of fondant.  

  Hopefully you will see some cute Mickey cookies show up on my blog soon.. just need to find the time to do a little baking.

September 5, 2012

Sweet Baby Tweets

Have you ever finished a set of fondant pieces and felt inpatient because you couldn’t wait to see them on top of cupcakes or a cake?   That’s how this set was for me. 
Three of my favorite colors…pink, brown & orange.   
Oh and I have a thing for birds, twigs and all things flowery.
I used a combination of fondant & royal icing.   The Z’s, flower centers, beak, wings and twig are all made with royal icing.   Sometimes it’s quicker to be able to pipe what you want rather than try to make fondant do what you want.  

Sweet Baby Tweets for a Sweet Baby Zoey
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