June 26, 2012

Tutorial: Board Short Cookies

Have you ever found yourself infront of your bin of cutters looking for a shape you don't own? I find myself doing it often and then I realize with a few cuts I can use a different cutter and modify it a bit.

The Hawaiian shirt cutter doubled to make matching board shorts also known as swim trunks.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to own this cutter from Karenscookies.net but for now I'll use what I have.

can't live without my rolling guides

You will need:
rolling pin
cookie dough
tshirt cutter
royal icing
cookie sheet

Roll your dough and cut with the tshirt cutter

Cut the sleeves off

Cut the neck off (sounds bad but you know what I mean)

Bake your cookie & you have yourself 
some swim trunks!  

Pipe the shorts, then flood
After they set for about 20 minutes, add the tie and stripes or more Hawaiian flowers

Tah Dah.. done!  

June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Doug

Tomorrow is my boss’ birthday we celebrated it in the office today.   I usually do something beach themed for him so when I saw Sugarbelle's Hawaiian themed cookies, I knew I had to make them for Doug.  I made the short cookies using the same tshirt cutter, infact my tshirt cutter was a vneck so I had to piece a little bit in so I could do a collared neck.   She does such a great job with her tutorials, so simple to follow each step on what looks to be a very difficult cookie.   I will do a tutorial on the short cookies next week.

Happy Birthday Doug!

Lemon & Lime cookie dough
I used Lime extract that I bought from Spice Barn

Death by Oreo cupcakes

Death by Oreo, Double Chocolate with Espresso Beans
and Peanut Butter Cup

June 18, 2012

Remy's Communion

Wow.. somehow this post was lost in my blogger & I never published it. 
Three months ago, Brenda's daughter had her 1st Communion.  We did an Ombre Rose cake
cupcakes & cookies for her celebration.  Once again, Brenda outdid herself, every little detail taken care of beautifully.   Can you see the china she had, pale pink/rose.. to die for!   The flowers...sweet peas, ranunculus on all the tables..smelling so sweet with tulle & poms hanging from the ceiling..
So pretty... and very precious!

Red velvet & carrot cake cupcakes sat atop pretty

The dress cookies matched Remy's pretty little dress

God Bless Remy!!

June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to my Dad

My dad can build anything.. with wood, metal, brick.. you name it he can do it.
I like to think I have some of his talent, I definitely am not afraid to try to build something including my own hutch.   Growing up I remember my dad working in the garage for countless hours, now he has his own workshop and loves to work on yard art with horse shoes & iron.   Pretty cool if you ask me!

Happy Father's Day Poppy!  Thank you for always being there for ME & Sis. 
We love you mucho

June 15, 2012

NY Style Father's Day

When I realized Father's Day was a week away I asked my husband to pick out some cutters so I could make some cookies for his dad.
He went through my cutters and came out with the baseball mit & hat so I went with the Yankee's colors and pulled out a few of my new alphabet set to spell out D A D.   I also used the O from that set to make the baseball instead of digging out my circle cutters.    A few years ago when my inlaws were here for a visit we took them to a Dodgers game.  We had some of the best seats in the house compliments of a friend of ours.  It would have been great if they were playing the Yankee's but they weren't...I think my father in law enjoyed it even if he didn't want to pay $5 for a beer.  

I've learned in order to keep dark colors from bleeding you need to ensure they have enough air to dry quickly.  I normally set the cookie sheet with decorated cookies on top of my stove where the pilot light creates a little warmth. This seems to be my best solution. I know some put fans on them but I'm afraid to do that, afraid of dust it may blow into my cookies.

The mit is brown royal icing.. I would love to try
Sugarbelle's chocolate royal icing for this cookie next time

Baseball made with an "O" cookie cutter
instead of a circle cutter

Happy Father's Day !

June 12, 2012

Tutorial: Princess Crown Cookies

Royal icing transfers can be such a time saver.  I recently made some boston terrier cookies for my cousin and made the dog heads as a transfer.  It saves a lot of mistakes from happening on your cookies but be sure to make at least 10 extra because sometimes they will break when you peel them off the wax paper.

Making royal transfers for the "jewels" on a princess crown cookie helps speed things along.
Using wax paper and royal icing pipe little circles.

Dust with disco dust while they are still wet.
When dry spray with Duff's graffiti spray so they have some dimension

Outline  your crown cookie

Flood your cookie

Peel one of the jewels off and carefully place in the wet royal icing

Perfect jewels!

Once they are dry, pipe details on them..
See the "A" in the middle.. for Baby Athena

Now you can create your very own crown cookies !

June 6, 2012

More Mustaches

Remember "The Perfect 'Stache"?  I made 'Stache cupcake toppers out of the leftover
royal icing.  I found a great template over at Powder Rooms to lay under wax paper as a guide.  Did you know that mustache styles have names?  I had no idea!  My favorite is The Imperial.   Sometimes it's easier to make cupcake toppers out of royal vs. fondant.  Piping allows you to make any shape where as fondant it's harder to make uniform pieces unless you have a fondant or cookie cutter. 

The Barron

Lay this template under wax paper
Pipe the outline with royal icing
Lay sandwich pick in the middle
Wait 10 minutes then flood & sprinkle with sugar crystals
Let dry 24 hours and then gently peel off wax paper

The royal seeps under the stick so you don't see it when they are pulled from the wax paper

I did have an epic fail trying to make graduation caps out of royal.. Will have to try again when I have some free time

June 5, 2012

Farewell Party : Party 2

As I type this blog, my sister, brother in law, nephew & cat are 2 hours into a 13 hour flight to Shanghi. They will spend the next 2-3 years a few hours east of Shanghi. We all said our FAREWELLS at her sister & brother in law's, Charlee & Owen on Saturday (shssh.. I snuck in one last visit yesterday). 

I was happy when Charlee asked me if I would bring sweets.  I always jump at the opportunity
to bake and decided to make 3 different flavored cupcakes vs. fondant cupake toppers.
My California cutter, an airplane cutter (different one than the other Farewell party) and a scalloped square were perfect for this set of cookies. The California cutter is a bit large so I only made a few cookies with it.

Lemon cut out out cookies

Oreo cookie cupcake with Oreo buttercream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (egg-free)
I used this recipe but added a little baking powder for taste

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
simply stick a small reese's peanut butter cup in the bottom then fill with batter

Charlee found this idea online .. isn't it cute? I cut up old maps & stitched them to heavier cardstock, then sewed them on the ribbon.   Super cheap to make too!  Stop on over at her Etsy shop and look at all her cute baby bibs, blankets, boppy covers, etc. 

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