December 21, 2012

Pretty Poinsettia Platter

It's the busy season for many of us and our "to do" list is so long we don't think we will ever get through it, but somehow we do and all is well in the end.   My Grams told me a friend of hers was taking cookies to her son's house and her husband got in to them.   I sent Grams a link to a beautiful poinsettia platter that Sweet Sugarbelle did with a leaf cutter... so pretty & so easy to whip up.   I had minimal time but my cookie friend, Laurie of Cookie Bliss made a few poinsettia platters to give away and said they were really easy and took her under 4 hours from start to finish.   I decided to go for it and make two, one for Grams & one for her friend, Carolyn.  I ran to our neighborhood 99cents only store and picked up a silver platter then went home and rolled my dough.

Because I was cramped on time, I didn't take step by step photos but if you visit the Sugarbelle link above, she will show you how to make your very own gorgeous poinsettia.  

Wishing you a Merry Christmas 
A Happy New Year! 

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