November 9, 2012

Sweet Autumn Princess

Have you heard of  Tiny Prints?  In my opinion, they are one of the best personalized greeting card sites I've ever used.  I found them last Christmas when I wanted to make photo cards that were not the standard photo cards, but actual photos printed on card stock.  I've used them a few times since and just recently ordered thank you cards for everyone that sent or did something nice for our family during the recent loss of my Grandpa.  The quality is amazing and they ship rather quickly.   

Gramps  - "Dam'n I'm Good"
August 20, 1921 - October 8, 2012

This set of cookies was designed for Baby Girl Nash after one of Tiny Prints baby shower invitations called Sweet Autumn Princess.  

I have over 300 cookie cutters but I don't own a leaf cutter or pine cone cutter (can you believe that?)
Rummaging through my cutters I found a lemon cutter.  Perfect for a leaf shape.   Can you figure out what cutter I used to make the pine cone?  (answer is at the end of this post)

The plaque cutter is from another company that I love... Plastics in Print (PIP). 
Their store is on Etsy, they update their inventory every Friday and like Tiny Prints they ship out very quick.  It takes about 4 days for me to receive my order in California.  PIP Cutters run about $6 and they do combine shipping.  They do offer custom cutters as well. All you do is send them your drawing and PIP will do a custom listing for you.  Pretty cool. 

Perhaps a tutorial is in order for the pine cone.. it is 
much easier than it looks

Can you identify the cookie cutter shape? 
if you guessed SANTA you are correct! 

Santa turned into a pine cone


Shanna said...

I was thinking the Wilton elf cutter until I pulled mine out of the drawer. i see now that the hat goes more 'up' instead of 'over', but I would use it to try your design. So clever!!!

Sara Sandifer said...

Stef, these are the cutest!!!!! The invite is cute too, but the cookies = awesome.

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