September 19, 2012

The Hunter

Remember the bike cake I made for my cousin's husband a few months back..
this cake is so similar but it's a hunter's cake instead.
I made the hunter sitting down (haven't figured out how to make a standing figure yet) so he's just nearly passed out from a great day of hunting.

I used ice cream cones for tree supports for the first time ever.  I glued the fondant on with royal icing to make sure it would stick.  The ice cream cones worked much better than my prior attempts with strays as the support.

The "wooden" signs were made with Duff's woodgrain texture plate, fondant, PIP plaque cutter, petal dust & royal icing. Plastics in Print (PIP) is a new company that specializes in plastic cookie cutters at great prices. They will even make your logo into a cookie cutter/cookie imprint. ..pretty cool.  Their prices are great and shipping is very quick especially considering most of the cutters are made to order.  Their inventory is a little low right now as they are just getting started and didn't expect the huge success of their business right away.  They opened shop, everyone ordered like crazy so they put their shop on "vacation" to fulfill all the initial orders.  They reopened Friday, September 14th and have already sold most their listings.  I ordered another plaque and a chevron impression cookie cutter.  Can't wait til they arrive.

The Wilton wonder pan that is used for Barbie cakes has been handy to use for mountain cakes. I made 2 of them and cut one down a few inches so the mountians had different heights.  

Happy 50th Steve!!

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w said...

you've got some serious talent.

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