July 13, 2012

It's all Downhill from here..40th Birthday

My cousin's husband is an avid biker so it only seemed fit to make him a "Downhill from Here" cake for his 40th Birthday to welcome him to the WONDERFUL 40's.

Do you know what pan I used to make this cake? 
If you guessed, the Wilton Wonder Pan, you guessed right.
I bought this a few years ago to make a barbie cake for Ruby
and have used it twice now as a mountain cake. (Of course, when I bought the pan I thought I'd never use it again and almost gave it away.) This cake was my first attempt at torting it & filling it with homemade strawberry filling...so good!   I don't use a recipe for my filling.... simply wash and slice the fruit, toss it in a sauce pan with some lemon juice and sugar. Let it start to simmer, then add in some dissolved cornstarch so it will thicken. It's that easy! 

The signs were made with Duff's texture plates
The tires spokes are royal icing..this was one case that I didn't mind if the spokes broke
since it just came crashing down the mountain

The 40 MPH sign was made with fondant and a lollipop stick up the center
and if you down own the Wilton grass tip you should buy one or two now!
I use to only own one but then I misplaced it so now I have several.

The frosting was vanilla buttercream dyed brown
I added crushed oreos to the path down the middle so it would
look more like dirt

Wishing Brad a Happy 40th!! 


Page said...

SUPER cute!!

Tayanna said...

Amazing..as usual

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