July 18, 2012

Custom Communion Dresses

Many of us think we.must.buy.every.cutter.we.see but that's not actually true.  I wanted to make Evanny some cookies that matched her communion dress but her dress was sleeveless.  I made this set of cookies for Remy so I pulled out that cutter and modified it to match Evanny's dress.   Basically this means 2 cookie shapes out of one cutter (and I can save my money for a cutter that I actually MUST.HAVE!)

Cut your dress out

Using a circle cutter or knife, cut off the sleeve
I used a circle cutter because I wanted it to be a bit rounded

Done..now bake
See how easy that was?  I do know some cookiers that actually hand cut many of their cookies so they get the exact shape they want.. I have not done that yet : )


sara said...
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~laurie said...

The dresses and everything else for the communion are perfect! You do such lovely work!!

www.sweetcreationsbystephanie.com said...

Thanks Laurie!

communion dresses said...

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