July 23, 2012

Cookie Dough Balls

One of my favorite things to take to our friends potluck
are Cookie Dough Balls (egg free, people..they are safe!) .  The 1st time I made them they were not bite size and were actually hard to eat so this time I used a smaller cookie scoop for the perfect cookie dough ball.

I use the recipe that http://bakeat350.blogspot.com/2011/01/chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-cupcakes.html used but I add a little baking powder for flavor.  I used the same recipe for cupcake filling a month ago.  I doubled it for the cookie dough balls to make sure I had enough.    Simply make the filling, then roll balls and stick a mini fork or sandwich pick in.. pop in the freezer for about 30 minutes or until they are firm.  In the meantime, melt some semi sweet chocolate chips.  Add a little vegetable oil to thin the chocolate.   Dip the chilled dough ball in the chocolate, then set on wax paper. I put mine back in the freezer to chill.



Just me said...

oh looks so yummy:)

Anonymous said...

I´m brazilian and your blog it´s amazing!! Thanks, Erica/São Paulo/BR

glutenfreehappytummy.com said...

oh my gosh those look incredible! they would not last long at my house! :)

Miss Felicia said...

oh my gosh yes! have to try cookie dough anything is my fave!

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