May 18, 2012

Wishing I was in Kauai

A few weeks ago (I'm very behind in blogging) my boss went to a trade show.  He sat in my office the Friday before and said "The show is Hawaiian themed, what do you think…"   I said, "I think cookies… pineapples, shells and starfish. I will bag and tie them with business card attached to each."  He loved that idea so I went to work on them as soon as I got home. I baked up 4 dozen cookies and a 2 batches of royal icing.  It’s hard to gauge how much icing you need for cookies, a lot depends on the size of the cookie itself.  I find that I can usually do 2 dozen with one batch of royal icing.  He said the cookies were gone in a heartbeat and they drew a lot of attention to his table - perfect, that's what we wanted.
We had the best pineapple we've ever had when we were in
Kauai.  We stopped at an observation point going up Waimea Canyon.  A vendor was selling pineapple
from a cooler.. it was so good. The 4 of us stood there eating it in the parking lot... I've never had another one taste like that. Yum!

Summer is almost here... 1 month and 3 days to go!

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