May 22, 2012

Jungle Fever

This is one of my favorite tricks..make a royal icing transfer and then stick it on your cookies or cupcakes.   It prevents mistakes from happening, you know the ones where you waste a cookie because icing drips out in all the wrong places?  Yep, those.

I start out by drawing the face shape on a piece of paper.  For this set of cookies, I used 2" x  2" pieces of wax paper.  I put the wax paper on top of my drawing then piped the outline and flooded it.  After it dried for several hours I went back and added details to the face.  The next day I flooded my cookies and peeled the Monkey face off the wax paper and gently put it on the cookie. 
Monkey Face

cookie done

Do you know what tip I used to make the Lion's hair & ears?
the answer is at the end of this post

Answer: Wilton's leaf tip #67 works great to make ears


Blooming Mommy said...

So clever! These turned out great!

Millie Wedlock said...

That's a great idea to make a perfect shape for animal designs. I'm sure kids will love the idea of jungle cupcakes for their kiddy parties. I can let out almost any idea for this method. Thanks for sharing it with us. The results of your harbor really inspire me to make these.

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