May 2, 2012

April Showers bring May flowers

You know the saying..
April showers bring May flowers.  My iris' are in full bloom and so pretty.
I still can't believe it's May. I'm not sure where the last 4 months went.

Lately I've been stuck on ruffles & shades of coral... mixing Americolor orange, pink and peach to make pretty variations.  This month's Food Network Magazine had a spread on colors you can make with grocery store food coloring - you know the cheesy package of red, yellow, green & blue.  I'm tempted to go buy a box just to see if I can copy the colors they came up with .. it was amazing that 4 colors made that many shades of icing.  You can see for yourself here on their website.

I mailed this set of cookies to my childhood friend, Jennifer. They just finalized the adoption of a beautiful girl named Emily in April and are having a party to celebrate.  When she opened the box all the cookies were intact (Thankful that USPS was kind to my cookies that were double boxed and bubble wrapped) and were the same colors as the dress she had picked out for Emily to wear to her party.  


Recipe for the cookies is here:  No Chill Cut out cookies


Miriam Vanderlaan said...

Your sweet words brought tears to my eyes! Your artistry will be enjoyed Friday and Little Emily Joy will be so blessed by your generous gift, as are we all! God bless all you do to HIS GLORY! Love you, M

Shanna said...

Beautiful colors! Lovely...I'm sure they added sparkle to the celebration table.

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