April 27, 2012

Corsets, Corsets & more Corsets

When you walk into one of Brenda's parties you are transported to another place. She doesn't miss a thing!  Of all the parties she's hosted I think my favorite was her husband's 40th... Wyatt Earp . I remember her telling me "Wyatt Earp, western, but not the red & white cheesy colors.." and I immediately knew what she was talking about and was looking forward to creating pieces for her.  She meant rusts, burgandy, browns, ivory... it all came together and looked fabulous!  It was like stepping into a western set from the early 1900's.. absolutely perfect.

This party was a bridal shower for her niece and the theme was "Pin Up Girl". Her instructions were pink, white, black.. and here's the invitation.   (Oh did I mention I didn't own a corset cookie cutter so I had to find one and add it to my collection despite the fact I promised to not get any more cutters until my cutter collection is organized & cataloged.. a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!)  Once the cutter came I got to work on the cupcake toppers & cake topper.  I made the cake topper freehand by cutting the shape of a corset & then detailing it with royal icing & fondant. The cupcake toppers were made with left over royal icing from the cookies. I piped the corsets on wax paper and allowed them to dry for 36 hours before pulling them off the wax paper. This went really quickly and was easier than trying to freehand 2 dozen mini corsets out of fondant.   
Ruffled cake with Ateco tip 050
Learn to ruffle with this fabulous YouTube video!

The cake was vanilla cake with strawberry filling, topped with whip cream.  The filling is very easy to make and tastes much better than store bought filling.   You can make any berry filling with the below recipe.  If I use raspberries, blackberries or boysenberries, I usually press the mixture through a wire mesh strainer before I add the cornstarch to get all the seeds out. 

Strawberry Filling :
print recipe here
1 basket of strawberries
5  tbsp sugar
1  tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp cornstarch, disolved in 1 tbsp cold water

Slice the berries. Boil the berries, sugar & lemon juice until soft.  Add dissolved cornstarch and simmer til thick.  Cool & then put in the middle of your cupcakes or between layers of cake

Flowers are by Jessica Armstrong, Photos by Chantel Perreault & Decor by Brenda Rosales

Corset cookie cutter here from Cheapcookiecutters.com

Consistant thickness makes each cookie look perfect
I learned this trick from Sugarbelle and could not 
roll cookies without my square dowels 

It was fun to make so many different designs, I drew them out first and
then went to work.  It's nice to have a plan before you put royal icing to the cookie
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