March 20, 2012

Old Havana Nights

Such a fun party... Old Havana nights
Mojitos, Cigars, Fedoras and Guayabera shirts (pronounced “gway-ah-bear-ah,”)
How can your 40th not be fun with all that?

I set the cupcakes in empty cigar boxes that sat on top of burlap and burgandy tableclothes
The colors looked great, the boxes were perfect to set cupcakes in.

Happy 40th Poncho!!

I rolled the cigars, then brushed with brown petal dust to give them
some "highlights" then I made a label with brown royal icing.  Once the royal was dry, I mixed vodka & gold petal dust and painted a little on the label. 

The Fedora was really easy. I rolled out some ivory and cut a circle and set it inside my flower formers
then I rolled a ball and indented the top.  I used royal icing to glue this to the bottom of the hat.  Then I added a band of tan fondant.  I brushed a little bit of petal dust on the top of the hat for definition.

I made the shirt from the full body cutter set by Makin's Clay Cutters (#37007)
I cutt off at the waste and above the shoulders.  Then I used a knife to put an indention down the center. The collar was made with 2 small pieces of fondant cut in a triangle shape then glued down with vodka.  The white accents are royal icing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
1st of all where are you located? I loved your cupcakes for the Old Havana theme and wanted to inquire about their cost. I am planning a big 60th Old Havana themed party for my husband in June. I live in Miami, FL where are you ? said...

Hi, I'm not near Florida & don't sell to public.

Maybe you can take my picture to somewhere near you and they can copy :)

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