February 4, 2012

Icing Colors

Earlier this week, LilaLoa posted a blog "Show Me Your Icing Colors" so it got me thinking about my experience with colors.  For a long time I thought Wilton was the only food dye available because they were the only dyes I could find in Michaels, JoAnn's, Walmart & Sur La Table.   The hardest thing about these is once you mix a color, it's hard to replicate the exact color if you run out.  At one point (don't laugh) I even bought food safe squeeze bottles & tried to put the Wilton dye in the squeezable bottles.  It was messy & I swore I'd never do it again. 

Then I saw this post by The Decorated Cookie, "All about Food Coloring" and I didn't waste any time  to place an order for SQUEEZE BOTTLE dye by Americolor!   I started out ordering the .75oz bottles, about 12 at a time, primary's first then added the pinks, teals, electric colors, etc.   Now I wish that I had ordered a small bottle & large bottle at the same time. I refill my .75 bottles with the larger ones because of my storage space and the small bottles travel better when I go to a friends to decorate.  Duplicating colors is much easier, just count the drops you use and you can match batch by batch.

Even though I have every AmeriColor out there, I still use a few of Wilton's colors because I haven't been able to replicate the shade with AmeriColor.  My favorite Wilton colors are : Moss Green & Royal Blue. I tried AmeriColor black powder dye once...I won't buy it again.  I was not happy with the results. It looked almost purple to me even after sitting overnight.

I have a few bottles of Cake Craft Dye  . I found the Super Burgandy when I was trying to mix fuschia for a project.  Again, not a fan of using a toothpick to dye frosting & fondant but the Super Burgandy made a beautiful shade of fuschia - hard shade to create.  I also bought Cake Craft Apricot and it's a beautiful shade of orange.

I store my dyes in plastic containers in case the lids fall off, I would hate to have it spill and get all over my cabinet.  The small dye bottles fit perfectly in a Snaplock container & the larger 4.5 oz bottles in a plastic garmet box.  Duff's Graffiti spray is also stored in my larger garmet box along with a few candy writers.  I would love to have a rolling rack for my dyes but have no storage room for such a thing.    Check out all the cool storage ideas on LilaLoa's Facebook page if you haven't already.
all my dye & graffiti spray

Candy Writers, large dye bottles & graffiti spray

Small dye bottles for daily use

A few things about dye:
1.  Icing colors intensify or darken in buttercream icing about 1-2 hours after mixing
2.  If you get it on countertops, use a little bleach and it will lift it right out
3.  Colored fondant intesifies overnight.  Best to dye it the night before using. When dying fondant,
     dye a small ball then add white fondant to it until you get the color you want.
4.  If you are trying to make black frosting, start with a chocolate buttercream, then add black to it.
     You will use less dye because the icing is already brown.

How do you store your dyes?   Leave a comment with a link to your blog or post on my Facebook wall!  We would love to see everything out there.

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