February 22, 2012

Golf Cookies

This set of cookies goes with the Golf cupcakes I made for Justin a few weeks ago.
The golf cleat is made on a flip flop cutter.  Sometime you have to think outside the box... it's a little big but it worked.   I think I've finally found a cookie recipe that I will stick with. It's easily modified to make different flavors like mini chocolate chip, lemon, orange and chocolate.  

I'm in the middle of organizing my cookie cutters. I have 236 to be exact, although 2 of those are alphabet sets which have about 30 pieces in each and 2 are number sets with 10 cutters in each.  So really it's more like 300.   Hopefully I can finish organizing it in the next few weeks & then I'll share photos of how I've done it.   

http://www.bakeat350.blogspot.com/2012/02/storing-icing-tips-couplersworks-for-me.html posted a great blog yesterday showing how she stores her tips & couplers.   I have mine in an embroidery thread container & the couplers are on my bottles.  I would like more #2's & PME 1.5's.  I'm happy that I can use the PME 1.5's without clogging now thanks to The Bearfoot Baker.  I haven't tried PME 0 or 00 tips with her method yet...but will, soon.

How do you store your tips & cutters?   Share with us on my Facebook Wall. We would love to see!

Flip Flop Cutter

White stripes using PME 1.5" tip


The BearFoot Baker said...

My boss loves golf! I should send him some golf cookies to make him happy!! Thanks for sharing yours! They are awesome!

www.sweetcreationsbystephanie.com said...

I made some back in August 2011 for my Grandpa's 90th that were very similar. Next batch I think I'll do a golf cart. You should do some for your boss, he will love them.

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

The cheery colors and tiny details are great!

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