January 17, 2012

Tutorial: Giraffe Cupcake Toppers

For Giraffe toppers you will need:
yellow fondant
brown fondant
scissors or knife
rolling pin with 1/8" bands
circle cutter (whatever diameter you wish to use)

 Roll the brown to 1/8" thick

Cut it up in random pieces. Try not to disturb the pieces.
Cover it with syran wrap while rolling the yellow

Roll the yellow fondant to 1/8" thick

lay out the brown pieces on top of the yellow and roll bottom to top, then left to right.  If you look close at the bottom half, you will see I got some of my pieces too close together.

Cut with your circle cutter or whatever shape you wish to use
and there you have it...a Giraffe cupcake topper that
looks just like Michael, the newest addition at our local zoo
photo from Edhat.com

1 comment:

Kate said...

This is awesome! I'll be trying this out in a few weeks for my son's 1st bday!

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