January 2, 2012

Tutorial: Fondant Cowboy Cupcake Toppers

Cowboy themed cupcake toppers can be made almost exactly how I made Camo toppers last year. These remind me of Woody's shirt in Toy Story - which happens to be one of my favorite movies.  I'll be using these for a Cowboy 1st Birthday this coming weekend.

You will need:
Roller with pink spacers
Circle cutter -whatever size you wish to use
White fondant
Brown or Black fondant

1. Roll your white fondant

2. Break apart your brown fondant, roll it around in different shapes
and lay it on the white fondant

3. Roll the brown into the white. Roll in different
directions to get loppy blobs (making up words here)

4. After rolling it looks like this
5.  Cut your topper out with your circle cutter
6. Place on wax paper
7.  Use royal icing or fondant & put a name or age on the topper. 
I used Royal Icing for mine.

8. Ready to go on cupcakes!


Harriot said...

Thank you so much. Very cute idea.

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Oh, how clever! Similar process for zebra stripes, you think?

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