January 28, 2012

Hello Kitty Cookies

My sister emailed me this week asking if I had time to make a dozen Hello Kitty "Get Well" cookies for her cousin-in-law that was having surgery & allergic to flowers...how could I say no?
She wanted them to look like these from The Art of the Cookie.   

 I wish I had a Kopykake to make cookies easier but I don't, so I'll show you how I make mine with a template. 
You will need:
cookie, flooded & dry
sharp object (I found a roasting pin works best or a Booboo stick)
template cut out of your design
Royal icing in white, yellow & black (optional)
Black Americolor marker (optional)

I started by poking a hole in the middle of the cookie
so I could center my template

Center your template
Using a sharp object gently trace the template
so it leaves a scratch on your cookie. If you poke a hole don't worry, icing will
fill it in and cover it.
see the light marks?
Outline your cookie with icing
Let it sit for about 10 minutes
Flood your cookie
I cheated and made bows with left over royal icing
so I dropped them right on the wet icing
Hello Kitty's bow

Drop 2 black pearls for eyes or pipe with black royal icing
Pipe a yellow nose
Once it's dry use an americolor marker and draw
whiskers on the kitty

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