January 9, 2012

Dollars, Starfish & Shells..Oh MY

Living in SoCal has it's perks.. sure it may be pricey to live a few miles from the Pacific Ocean but
temps in the high 70-low 80's in January - a definite PERK! 
We've been having great weather, beach weather the entire 1st week of January and is continuing this week.

I saw these by Cookie Artisan and was intrigued to try them myself.   Love how they came out, I will be sharing these with my hairdresser this week since she is a BEACH-lover!

Sand Dollar - couldn't find a sand dollar cutter so I used a 
 circle cutter w/ knife to make 5 indentions around the
outside prior to baking

After you fill, let them sit about 30 minutes, then pipe the center "flower"

Flood with lines across, then while still wet, drag a toothpick from the top down to the bottom center
to create the scallop effect.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine as much as I am!!

1 comment:

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

These are completely amazing!! So jealous you get to live in Cali, it is my dream to live there! I am particularly in love with your sand dollar cookies, we lived in the Caribbean last year and used to love collecting them when snorkelling. They look just like the real thing! You are very talented :)

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