December 19, 2011

Tutorial: Royal Icing Snowflakes

Every friend is like a snowflake, unique in beauty and design. Each sparkles in a different way—some are playful, some refined. But, unlike fragile snowflakes that fade when the sun appears, friends grow even more beautiful with every passing year. ~ Author unknown

I want to wish all my friends in blogland a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!   You inspire me day after day and make my hobby that much more fun! 

We don't see snowflakes in our area so I like to make snowflake cookies or cupcake toppers.  I had royal icing left over from cookie decorating on Friday night so I pulled out some wax paper, disco dust and a Wilton tip #2.   Make more than you need, because they are fragile and may break.  I also made little dots to add as an accent to the cupcakes.

Wilton tip #2 on top of  CK 2oz Squeeze Bottle

Shakers are great!  Have you tried them?

You can't see the wax paper but it's there. If you have trouble freehanding the snowflake
you can draw a snowflake and place the drawing under your wax paper as a guide. It is helpful to cut squares of wax paper instead of using a large sheet like I did.   This allows you to remove the wax paper carefully and not break others.  

1. Pipe the first line

2. Pipe the 2nd line
3. Pipe the 3rd line

4. Pipe the 4th line

5. Add a V shape to each of the larger lines

6. keep going aroudn til all 4 larger lines have a V

7. Done

8. Sprinkle Disco Dust

9. Let them dry for at least 24 hours, if not 48 hours. I put mine on a metal cookie sheet
then set it on top of my stove (gas pilot) because it's warm and they tend to dry within 24 hours.
To remove from the wax paper, gently pull the wax paper downwards, away from the snowflake. Pull each corner by itself. Do not try to pull from one direction, it will break.

10.  Embellish your frosted cupcakes or cake


Sugar Glitz said...

Did you see the 'slam' I got on using disco dust?? I think disco dust makes the world happier :) said...

I did.. I still love it & I'm still alive & breathing

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