December 22, 2011

Shimmering Christmas Cookies

Here is my last set of Christmas cookies.. I am now officially done baking for the Christmas Season!!
All bottles & tips are clean... all cookie sheets are put away.   This years cookies were so much easier than last years. Last year my royal did something funky when it dried. I look back now and think my mixing bowl probably had residual grease in it which does not get along with royal icing.  Now I wash it twice before using it with royal icing.  I also have decorating tips just for royal icing - never use them with buttercream! 

Have you tried Duff's Graffiti spray? I love it. I use it on my fondant pearls and saw a recent post by Sugarbelle so I tried it. I like the effect but am not sure it works with the snowmen cookies. I like it better on the holly cookies.  What do you think?

before the spray

sprayed..not as vibrant but shimmery

I used Gold on the Holly cookies

I think this looks really pretty

before & after

My conclusion is it works well on some cookie styles but not all...some are better left untouched.

Merry Christmas!!

1 comment:

Sue said...

All of your cookies look great! I received a Michael's gift certificate for Christmas, so now I know what I want to buy:) Happy New year!

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