December 9, 2011

Part V: Bun in the Oven Lemon cookies

Even though my sister's last name starts with a Z which is really easy to freehand and stay consistant I still made a template with my Silhouette SD so they would be close to perfect.  I somehow lost the pictures of the cookies as I made them.  If I find them, I will edit this post.    

First I piped the outline & filled with 20 second royal icing.  I waited for them to dry then I traced the Z on the top with Americolor food markers.  I then piped the Z's on.  

Loved the way these cookies turned out.. they added a splash of color to our sweets table & were a perfect addition.


Lena said...

In your tutorials, I've noticed that you first outline the cookie and then you flood it. What does outlining entail? Do you use the same icing you use to flood but let it dry first?
I love your blog by the way!! I'm so glad I've stumbled over it, definitely going in my bookmarks. said...

Hi Lena,
I use 20 second royal icing so I can outline and flood with the same icing consistancy. I outline all my cookies then go back and flood. By that time they have crusted and started to dry so the outline holds in the flooding.


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