December 30, 2011

Hello 2012!

Are you ready to say "HELLOOOOOOOOOO 2012?"
I am & I think most our family is because in the next 4 weeks
my nephew will be born.  I feel like the crazed auntie already - someone please take away my debit card!   I'm kidding - just feels good to be buying things for him now that's it's nearly time for him to arrive.    After he is here, then things can slow down for a bit before my sister, brother in law & nephew to be depart on an overseas journey for the next few years.   Good thing I've learned how to ship cookies ;-)  

Do you see my newest cutter - Gingerbread Mickey!  My friend bought him for me at Disneyland (Anaheim) the week before Christmas.   I couldn't wait to use him so I threw him in with my New Years cookies.   The Mickey below I flooded with out an outline - worked pretty good and didn't run over but I think I still prefer to pipe an outline & flood within the lines.
Mickey says "Happy New Year!"
Scallop cutter turned into a clock
Dragees that I bought in New York early fall
My royal icing work has come a long way since last year ago when I made these

I buy my disco dust from Karen's Cookies
The big 2011 cutter was a circle scallop cutter that I bent to an oval shape
Monocromatic chevrons - fell in love with chevrons while 
planning my sister's baby shower
Wishing you all a happy, healthy & prosporous


Kate H.( said...

Your cookies look awesome! My new years resolution is to master royal icing. I can't seem to get it right, lol.

Elizabeth Hefley said...

where did she buy the cookie cutter in disneyland? I was there in October and didn't see any, I would love to get a mickey mouse head and ears. said...

Kate, that was my resolution last year! Now I just want to keep working with it !

@Liz... She got it about 3 days before Christmas. She got me the head w/ears, a glove & a star earlier in the year. If I ever see it again I'll text you and get it for you if you haven't already. I think he's one of my favorite, ok I know he's one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year. I love Mickey! said...

I was there mid Sept and I didn't see it there then either. Probably too early in the year

Erin said...

Your cookies are absolutely beautiful!!! Happy New Year! said...

Thanks Erin

Britany Holmes said...

Your cookies looks so good and delish! I'm planning to shipped homemade cookies to my friends across the country but I'm afraid if they will be crumble.

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