December 22, 2011

Gingerbread & Snowmen Cookies

Can you believe Christmas is in 3 days?  I can't...where has this year gone? 

I have one more set of Christmas cookies that I just finished and will blog tomorrow
and then I'm done!!  Presents are all wrapped under the tree, grocery shopping done for Christmas Eve & Christmas breakfast/dinner.. looking forward to spending this holiday with those that are here
and will miss those that are not. 

I made this set of cookies for a co-worker.  She knit some very cute beanies for my soon-to-be-nephew so I made her some cookies in trade.   She showed me a catalog with gingerbread men that had a bite out of them so I copied that look with my gingerbread cutter & a scallop cutter.  See the middle guys leg... oops, he's missing his foot.    The snowmen were really easy, the blush is petal dust that I applied with a small brush.  Rosie cheeks bring them to life.

Hope you are all ready to sit back and enjoy Christmas!

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