November 23, 2011

Fishing Cookies

At my Gramps 90th Birthday party a few months ago there was some major cookie stealing going on at the
tables.  I think my dad ended up with more than a few.
I made some fishing cookies for his Birthday, packed them
tight in lots and lots of  bubble wrap then crossed my fingers that they would make it
500 miles north..
they arrived safely! Thank you USPS! 
I'm still trying to remember what cutter I used for the fish net.  I know it was something like a baseball cap or something but can't remember where I bought it and what exactly it was for.  Worked great as a net.

Fishing pole

Wilton Tshirt cutter
Believe it or not..the fish are the same cutter. I bought 2 and bent one so they would have a different shape. Worked perfectly!

Poppy - Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday & Many more to come!


The Cookie Corner said...

LOOOVVVEEE the lifejacket! So clever! said...

I can't take credit for the design :) It was someone else's brilliant idea - probably Sugarbelle since I'm obsessed with her blog

Happy Thanksgiving!

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