November 30, 2011

Birthday Cookies a Special Friend

This set of cookies are on the way to someone I've known for the past 25+ years. We went through school together and have been friends again on Facebook and probably before that on Myspace (sorry - I can't remember pre-facebook days).

She is faithful, never misses any of my posts & always lifts my spirits with her words.
My hope is that the cookies brighten her day & make her birthday that much more special.

I can't give you her name...but soon she will find these in her mailbox
and then I will come back and *edit* this post to wish her a
Very Happy Birthday NORMA!
She got her cookies & was so suprised!
Love that something small can make someone so happy!  

Thank you for always being there!

Bright & festive colors for her birthday celebration

After reading this post by Sweet SugarBelle
I now can say all my cookies are equally thick! The dowels work perfect!

1 comment:

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Such a sweet gift -- literally and sentimentally -- for a dear friend. Love the bright color combo you used!

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