October 26, 2011

Mummy Cookies

Happy Halloween!!   Sugarbelle posted a picture of Mummy cookies on her Facebook page and I couldn't wait to make some up.   My co-worker, Debbie, asked me if I'd make her some cookies so she could give them to friends for Halloween.  I told her I had the perfect thing in mind and it was on my evergrowing "to do" list too.   She is always giving me chocolate and treats so this seemed like the perfect reimbursement for all the times she takes care of me with goodies.

Gingerbread cookie cutters make great Mummy's!!

I used my favorite "no chill" recipe after a new sugar cookie recipe flopped.  I would love to find a soft sugar cookie recipe that keeps it's shape in the oven. If anyone has one that they would like to share, please email me at sweetcreationsbystephanie@gmail.com.

Using 20 second royal icing, I outlined each cookie.  If you don't know what 20 second royal icing is please visit the link. Sugarbelle does a fabulous job explaining it to you in a how-to video.  Before seeing her video I had failed miserably with royal icing. I made it my challenge this year to learn it and use it a lot.  I can now pretty much eyeball it and know it's the right consistancy each time.

20 second royal icing is stable enough for outlining but thin enough to flood and is so much easier to use this method so you don't need 2 bottles of each color in different consistancies.  This saves a lot of time with clean up.


After the flooding was done, I used 10 second icing for the eyes.  10 second icing is the same theory of 20 second icing, only it takes 10 seconds for a blob to blend into the bowl of icing.

Black pearls I bought a few weeks ago in New York
Drop the pearl gently on the wet icing

(please excuse my dark pic, I was trying to take pics with my left hand & decorate with my right)
Make the Mummy wrap using Wilton tip 104.  I tried using Wilton tip 44, but it wasn't wide enough to cover my Mummy.  

Happy Halloween!!! Hope you all have a safe one!!

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The Cookie Corner said...

LOVE these mummies! My 8 year old wants me to try these!

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