September 12, 2011

Andrea's 40th

Andrea & Steph

27 years ago in junior high I met my oldest & dearest friend... Many of those years, we celebrated our birthday's together with a lunch and shopping because we are both September babies.  
Whether we are ready or not, we are both hitting the
B-I-G 40! 
Even though we don't see each other as often as we would like, she is always in my heart.  When her husband called me about her party he referred to me as "Betty Crocker" (Thanks for the compliment Raul), I went to work designing these for Andrea .. I wanted to make them as special as she is to her family & friends.

40 cupcakes for her 40th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my oldest & dearest friend,  Andrea!
Wishing you many more!
Love S.


Shona said...

Beautiful cupcakes! Just wondering what flower cutter you used for the bigger flowers? Thanks :) said...

It is a rose petal cutter, PME brand

Shona said...

Thanks stephanie. How did you get the 'point' on the rose petals? said...

Here is my cutter. I have 2 sizes

if that doesn't work go to and search for Five Petal Rose cutter

I have 35mm and 50mm & use them all the time.

Shona said...

Thank you so much!

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