August 29, 2011

Tutorial: Fondant Pearls

Have you eyed the bottles of pearls at your local hobby store?  I have and I can never justify buying them in every color... will I ever use that many?   I have the perfect solution ....make your own!
Gold pearls for an upcoming 50th anniversary party

You will need :
rolling pin
fondant (white or dyed a color of your preference)
 Vodka or Gumpaste Glue (recipe here)
mason jar or clear glass (not pictured)
petal dust or shimmer powder (not pictured)

Roll your fondant to the desired thickness..
the thicker you roll, the bigger your pearl. 
Press the straw into the fondant to make a circle.  This keeps your pearls uniform in size.

Circles ready to be rolled

Roll the fondant into balls ..sorry, this is out of focus, hard to take pictures
of yourself without making them blurry.

Pearl ready for dusting

Sprinkle a generous amount of pearl dust in your jar /glass
If your fondant is dyed, you can use pearl white to give it a shimmer in
whatever color you wish. 
Add your fondant pearls to the jar.  See the white one in the bottom left corner?
it will soon be gold

Swirl the jar around several times to give it a good coat. This works better if the pearls are not dried for more than 10-15 minutes. 

Whalah, custom gold pearls!

Flower ready for the pearl center

Apply some gumpaste glue or vodka to the flower 
Set the pearl on top..and you have yourself a pretty little flower

I use paint trays to dry my flowers.  Michael's sells them for 99cents each..
so much easier than using flower cups.


Kontrastiina said...


Thanks for this. I just gave up the idea to put pearls to my weddingcake, because I just couldn make the pearlchain-mold to work and those sold in shops are to hard to my liking. But now I know a simple but pretty way to make lovely pearls and I can have them on my cake! Thank You.

.. just wondering, how is it, that I newer seem to get these simple ideas my self? Only when I see tutorials like this, I think " yes, ofcourse!" - but never do I get these brilliant ideas my self. So I thank You for posting these ideas to as not so clever! ;)

Amber said...

Stephanie -
I think you do a great job and I love to see your ideas. Kepp it up girl!

Shann Antics said...

I made these on Saturday for my Moms birthday cupcakes and they were so easy and turned out great!! said...

Glad it helped you! I always want to buy all the pretty colors but now I just make my own.

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