August 24, 2011

Tutorial : Fondant Fireman Helmet

A fireman helmet is so much easier than it looks.  
The most important thing is to make sure the circle you cut out in step 4 is big enough to cover the fondant base.
1.  Roll a ball the size you want for your helmet

2. Push it down so the base is flat and not round

flat bottom ^

3. Roll a "snake" for the ridge in the helmet. Cut it the length you need. Attach it using vodka or gumpaste glue.

top view

4. IMPORTANT! Using a circle cutter, find one that is about 4x's bigger than your fondant base

5. Roll fondant & use your circle cutter to cut

6. Brush your fondant base with gumpaste glue or vodka. Set your circle on top of the fondant base

7. Press it down on the base with your fingers and define the "ridge" down the center so you can see it. 
8. Use a circle cutter that is a touch bigger than your helmet and cut off excess.  Leave more at the back than the front so you can turn it down. 

9. Cut a badge for the front & affix with gumpaste glue

10. Set a straw under the back end so it turns down when it dries. 
I customized this helmet for Firefighter Escobar by using dye thinned with vodka so I could paint his name on.


Liz H said...

great tutorial, love the mani.

Jenn (Cookies Cupcakes Cardio) said...

Thanks for the tips! I wouldn't have thought to put the "snake" under the top layer of fondant to create the ridge. Sometimes seeing how someone else does it, makes way more sense! said...

When I first made the helmet I didn't do it this way and was struggling. Then I tried it like this and it worked.


The Cookie Corner said...

Genius! I would have NEVER thought of this!

Cassie said...

Thankyou!!!! Been struggling trying to make a helmet for the past ten minutes then I found this. Helped immensely!! Ur awesome :-) :-)

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