August 7, 2011

Gramp's 90th Birthday Party

Gramps was an avid golfer for years until 12 years ago when his legs started to give him trouble.  My aunt planned a party for Gramps 90th and went with the golf theme.   She & my uncle made really cute centerpieces..hand painted pots, with a metal "flag post" that had a golf ball glued to it. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of them.  Hopefully I can post later from other people's photos.

Gramps and me..Hope I look as good as he does in 50 years :)

Cupcake stand tutorial : click here

Gramps favorite saying "Damn I'm Good"

I also made cookies.   The shoe cutter is actually a flip flop cutter sideways

I used the same flip flop cutter to make the golf bag.

Happy 90th Gramps!


Jennifer said...

Love these! My great-grandfather will be 98 this year and I'd love to do something fun like this!! :)

Kia said...

Those are great cupcakes and cookies, as always. Gramps looks like he had a great time. And he's looking awesome for 90! Way to go Gramps! said...


Wow ..98 .. that's amazing! My grandpa said he doesn't want to hit 100 when I told him I saw a Birthday card at Rite-Aid for 100th Birthday.

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