June 23, 2011

Tutorial: Royal Icing Slumber Bags

Royal icing slumber bags or sleeping bags are so easy to make. I made my first ones back in May for Sophie's Birthday.
I start off by drawing a plan.  Then I mix my colors and cut wax paper squares.  I draw a rectangle for the sleeping bag pattern.

Put the wax paper over your pattern

Using tip 2 or 3, pipe your outline with 20 second royal icing

Then fill your outline

Let it sit for about 20 minutes before you add the pillow

Pipe the pillow

Fill the pillow & let it sit for 20 minutes

Pipe the head

and the body

Pipe the top cover of the slumber bag

and fill

add coordinating polka dots, stripes or whatever your heart desires

Add hair.  Using a toothpick & black dye, draw the eyes and mouth on. I use petal dust to make her cheeks rosey

Happy Birthday Keely!
(she's a 4th of July baby!)

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