May 20, 2011

Sweet Spring Cupcakes

Every time I finish a blog it automatically emails a copy to my dad so he is able to follow my blog/creations from Northern California.   He is in town for a week and we had a family dinner last Sunday and Grams asked me to bring desert.  I figured since it was no one's birthday I would make a simple Lemon Cake with pretty frosting and no decorations. Of course, Dad asked where the decorations were :(   We planned another famliy dinner & I knew I could not dispppoint my dad twice in one week so I made cute lil' cupcakes just for my dad!!  Cute little lady bugs & bees. 

on my Gram's beautiful Candlewick plates



Jennifer said...

Well?! Did he love them? :) I do! said...

He did! He had to have one at lunch when I showed up with them even though they were for AFTER dinner :)

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