May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Raul

Raul loved Marina's cake so he wanted the same thing.  What he doesn't know is I made a different buttercream recipe that uses unsweetened chocolate vs. semi sweet.  The frosting was good, not as sweet but still borderline too sweet for me.  I am still on the hunt for the perfect chocolate buttercream recipe. If you have one & want to share, send it to me please!!!

cream, confectioner's sugar, butter, unsweetened chocolate & salt

bicycle made out of royal icing

I'm so happy I made 2 bicycles... I went to move it to the cake & it broke, leaving the tire in my hand and th rest in the sink :(   I was much more careful with the 2nd bicycle and it didn't crack until it hit the cake

Happy Birthday Raul!  Hope it was everything you wanted & more !!



Kenni said...

I usually use cocoa powder instead of melting chocolate for my chocolate frosting, it cuts some of the sweetness nicely. said...

That's what is usually do but it leaves it a tad bit grainy

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