March 20, 2011

Spiderman Cookies

I made Spiderman cookies to go with Spiderman cupcakes for
Chaz' 5th Birthday!

This is a cookie scraper.. aka booboo stick
It's great to have to fix "booboo's" on cookies
I bought mine at Karen's Cookies for cheap that I bought a few of them

1st I made the eyes and let them dry for 24 hours

The next night I baked my cookies & started to outline with royal icing

Then flooded the cookie with Royal Icing

You can gently shake the cookie to make the royal settle and fill all the spots

I should have let the icing dry because I noticed some bleeding after they dried.  Black & red are 2 colors that seem to give me trouble.   I did the web while the red flooding was still very wet with Wilton tip #2

Then add the premade eyes while the flooding is still wet

all done!

and the black ones completed

all wrapped up for his party!

Spiderman cupcakes coming soon!!!!!



Cookie Girl said...

thanks for the tutorial that is great :D said...


Jessica Wiedersatz said...

Hi, I would love to make the transfers...I've tried before and they always break. Any tips?

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