March 21, 2011

Royal icing spider web tutorial

Hopefully after this post you will see how easy it is to make royal icing toppers! 

You will need:
1 batch of Royal Icing (recipe here)
   (split the batch into 2 colors...2/3 of one and 1/3 of another)
piece of paper
wax paper or parchment paper squares
Wilton tip # 2 & # 3
Toothpick or roasting pin
glass with wet paper towel in the bottom to keep your tips moist

1. Dye your icing and then thin it to toothpaste consistancy.  Fill your bag with color #1. Place it tip down in your glass
2.  Draw a circle and place it under a piece of wax or parchment paper

2. Pipe your outline with Tip #2  (I used a bottle for this, you can use a bottle or bag, whichever is more comfy for you). Pipe all your circles and set aside.

3. Take your color #1 & thin it to gel (think hair gel) consistancy for flooding. Fill your bag or bottle and use     tip #3 to flood your circle

Flood your circle

4. Thin color #2 and fill your bag/bottle. Using tip #2 put a dot in the middle

5. Then pipe a circle around the dot

6. Then pipe another circle around the smaller circle & dot

7. Use a toothpick or sharp object (I use a roasting pin) and start from the middle and drag it out towards the outside edge to create a web. Make sure to wipe your toothpick clean after each pass

Repeat for the next line

Repeat until you make it all the away around
8. Now let it dry for 24 hours, then peel off the wax paper gently.  

If you have questions, leave me a comment or email me at



Liz H said...

awesome tutorial.Thanks

Jovana said...

GREAT TUTORIAL !!! said...

Glad you like it.. I am going to do Easter eggs with the same method. They will be easy to make and put on Cupcakes

Cookie Girl said...

Love the tutorial :) These would be great technique on sugar cookies with the glaze i use and great for easter egg cookies as well, seen the easter egg design in the martha stewart cupcake book :D TY again! said...

@ Cookie Girl
I've done it on cookies before and it works great!

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