March 24, 2011

CK Squeeze Decorating bottles

I've been using Kuhn Rikon decorating bottles but find they are very hard to clean and only hold 2-4 oz of icing.  I ran across these on several cookie decorator I was anxious to try them.  Bottles run about $2.49 a piece or you can buy in a set of 3 for $5.49.   I bought a few 8 oz. & a few 2 oz. to see how I like them.   All standard tips fit the bottles.  The small 2 oz. bottles come with a cap so you can store your icing airtight. I like this feature. The Kuhn Rikon caps tend to fall off and don't really seem airtight to me. 

2 oz. bottle caps

2 oz. bottle

bottle couplers  .. works with any standard size decorating tip

I'll do another post letting you know how I like the CK bottles... hopefully in the next few days



Anonymous said...

What's the verdict on your bottles? Did you do a review on these. I'm finding it impossible to find these in Australia so would like to hear if you like them before I fork out $$$ on postage from the US said...

I love them so much that I've added more to my collection since this post.

I use the smaller ones most the time but use the large ones to flood large cookies.

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