June 29, 2010

Fondant Tutorial: Painting with shimmer dust on Fondant ~ Army Dog Tags

I'm going to show you how to use shimmer dust to create metallic looking Army Dog Tags. These are for Tyler's 8th Birthday cupcakes that I'll be doing later in the week. 

You will need:
  -1 tbsp vodka
  -shimmer dust
  -paint brush
  -fondant pieces cut out & dried out overnight

To make dog tags:
 1. I cut out 1" x 2.5" strips then rounded the corners
 2. I used my impression kit to put his name & age on each tag.
 3. I used a drinking straw to put a hole in each tag

To add shimmer to the tags for a metallic look:

1. Put a little bit of shimmer powder in a ramekin or small bowl
2.  Dip your paint brush in the tbsp of vodka
3. Mix the vodka with the shimmer powder to create "paint"
4. Add enough vodka to make a thick "paint"
5. Paint your fondant piece
see the difference it makes?
The top tag is without the shimmer dust
The bottom tag has been painted with shimmer dust
Looks like real metal
Stay tuned for more pieces to come this week!


June 27, 2010

Wedding Cake : Day 2

Yesterday my sister, Brie & I made 3 wedding cakes..actually 5 but we only needed 3.  I was so relieved and I think she was too that today went so smoothly.

Today was set up day for Charlee & Owen's wedding!

I left around noon to drive to my sisters house thinking how glad I was not driving 50 miles to the wedding location with 3 cakes in my backset. I had just one in my backset, the one I came home last night to redo because we had an issue with our 12" on Saturday. I still blasted the A/C and instructed Juls to avoid the potholes in the road. It's so nerve wracking transporting cakes. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I've delivered a cake and it's no longer my responsibility to keep it safe. Watching Ace of Cakes makes me nervous for them every time they take their work of art to the destination. Last week they delivered an airplane cake for Delta's Club360 Party and have no idea how they do it day after day.  We arrived at Brie's with some time to kill. First off, check the cakes. They look great. We cut the dowels and added them to the 9" tier and then Brie & I loaded up the cakes and hit the highway.

We arrive & the cakes survived the 10 minute trip thanks to smooth driving by Brie. The house looked beautiful. Gorgeous flowers, candy table all set up, food being prepped... everything looked perfect.  We start setting up the cake.

First the 12" cake, the 9" cake... and finally the 6" on top. 

We attach the 1" black satin ribbon carefully to each cake as we go & then start adding the flowers that Charlee bought Saturday morning at the LA Flowermart.

The cake gets prettier and prettier by the minute... and finally we are DONE!

Wishing Charlee & Owen a lifetime of love & happiness!


June 26, 2010

Wedding Cake: Day 1

Back in January my sister asked me if I was interested in doing a wedding cake for her brother in law, Owen & her future sister in law, Charlee. After several emails back and forth we decided that my sister & I would do their cake.  Since I don’t have enough refrigeration for 3 cakes I drove down early Saturday morning with my Starbucks in hand to my sisters house since she has 2 refrigerators... I packed up my cake pans, cake plates, ribbon, my decorating toolbox, turntable, cake carriers, 7 pounds of fondant just in case I could not get my icing to look perfect and of course.  After driving an hour south to my sisters I realized I forgot my new leveler just as we got off the freeway. Oops.  Brie and I ended up running to Michaels in Westlake and I bought a new one.  A few hours later I realized I also forgot my 9" angled spatula...so off Brie went to grab me a new one at JoAnn's.  We had one catastrophe after another and between it all we giggled, we swore (sorry mom) and had a great time together.  I think I would have cried if she wasn't standing there next to me saying "I'm sorry" about 100 times even though the days events were not her fault at all.

We had cake batter splattered all over me, the counters & the floor when I accidentally turned on the mixer as I was raising it.  We trashed an entire 9" cake because it was not cooking properly (not sure how that happened) and we trashed a 12" cake after frosting it and watching the top layer slide off the bottom layer as it slowly broke apart. We tried to salvage it by covering it with fondant but that failed miserably. The cake slowly started sagging.

9" cake
9" cake after baking for "quite a while" but still saucy in the middle.. in the trash it went

 Yep.. that was us today... a very "OFF" baking day for sure.  I ended up coming home tonight to rebake the 12" cake. It's baked & ready for frosting but I think I will get some rest &  frost it in the morning.

Frosting the 6" layer

Remember my test run a month or so ago? I am glad I did it but in reality it didn't help keep us from having a tough baking day today.  I did find during the test run that the 9" pans I had from my Grams, weren't deep enough to make the perfect cake.

Adding some scrolls
Sneak peak at the partially finished cake

Stay tuned, tomorrow is set up day and its' gotta be better than today!
Very excited for Charlee & Owen's big day!


Fondant Beach Towel Tutorial

To make a beach towel you can use whatever colors you want, 2 colors, 3 colors or 4 colors like I did. 
You will need fondant, roller with 1/8" bands, Wilton large square cutter, paint brush, gumpaste glue or vodka for gluing.
1. Roll out your 1st color & cut with the square cutter.
2. Make a stripe by using the square cutter to cut your stripe.
3. Repeat steps 2 & 3 with your other fondant colors until you have 6 stripes.
4. Lay the stripes so they touch each other
5. Take the bands off your roller and roll the stripes gently til they all press together to form one piece of fondant. It is ok if the very edge aren't together, you will be cutting this off.
6. Using the large Wilton square cutter, cut out your towel.
7. Use your knife and pull up the end so you can roll the towel.  after 2 rolls, add some gumpaste glue so it won't unravel then roll one more time so it sticks.
8.  You can roll it as little or as much as you want. I left about 1/2 inch unrolled.

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