December 18, 2010

Cupcake Boxes

Every now and then you come across a company that far exceeds your expectations and you can't help but share with others...  I just received my 2nd order from and their products & service is outstanding! They have boxes in many colors and the ordering is very easy.. wonderful selection.  My first order was several months ago for (100) 10" x 14" cupcake inserts & (100) 10" x 14" brown cake boxes.  It was shipped (did I mention they always offer FREE shipping, no minimum order?) and I had it on my doorstep in 5 days!  I wasn't sure when I ordered what I would do with 100 boxes but they are dwindling rather fast around here.  Total cost is .72 cents per box plus insert.  Very affordable.

Last week my husband asked me if I would make some cupcakes for a few people that help him throughout the year so I got on BRP's website and saw that they will now sell in quanties of 10.   I ordered (10) 10" x 10" window boxes and (10) 1/2 dozen cupcake inserts.  They arrived yesterday so lats night I baked & today we boxed up cupcakes and went to drop them off.   

1/2 dozen cupcake box

10" x 10" box
Photo courtesy of

10" x 10" cupcake insert
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Confectionary Designs said...

Always good to read reviews about vendors. Thank you for sharing.

Whitney & McKayla said...

I was just thinking of doing something similar as a quick hostess gifts. Thanks for the information about such a great company to work with!

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