September 30, 2010

Semi Finalist in Sweet Arleen's Fall Cupcake Challenge

I am thanking my sister, Brie,  for making me enter a Cupcake Challenge at Sweet Arleen's in Thousand Oaks.  While I didn't win, I'm excited to even be a consideration in the top 10.

I just came home to this in my inbox:
Congratulations Stephanie!

Your Margarita Cupcake was selected as one of our ten finalists in Sweet Arleen's Cupcake Challenge! While you were not one of the three final winners, you do receive a Sweet Rewards gift card of $20.00.

Enjoy! Arleen



Meghan @ Domestic Sugar said...

YAY! Good job! Are you going to share the recipe? said...

Thanks Meghan!
send me your email and I'll send you my recipe.


Born2Beach said...

Congratulations. They look delish. Will you be posting that recipe on your blog?

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