September 13, 2010

Reynolds Baked for You Staybright Cupcake liners

I stopped in Gelson's tonight on our way home to grab something for dinner and walked out with more than just dinner.   I went to the baking isle looking for oat flour to make a cake next week for one of my employee's that doesn't eat wheat, dairy or rice.  Instead of finding oat flour, I stumbled upon Reynolds Baked for You Staybright Cupcake liners.  Have you ever bought a really cute liner then baked chocolate cupcakes only to lose the design?  Staybrights are lined with foil so you can bake any flavor cupcake and they will still be bright! I came home and looked them up online. They have 8 different patterns. Gelson's only had 2 patterns when I was there tonight so hopefully they will bring in the complete line.  Here is the link to order them online:  Reynold's Baked For You Liners

Patterns available: (photos from



Kate H. said...

I haven't seen these, before. They are so neat!

Kandy said...

I love them the color stays so beautiful!!

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