September 12, 2010

Musical Cupcakes

These were fun. I used my light box (normally used for tracing or dry embossing cardstock) to pipe the royal icing music symbols on the fondant & used texture plate to give the grid effect on each cupcake topper.

To use a texture plate & LIGHTBOX:
1. Roll the fondant 1/8" thick
2. Lay the texture plate on top of the rolled fondant
3. Use your rolling pin and gently roll across the top of the texture plate
4. Gently pull the texture plate from the fondant
5. Cut out the shape that you want to use
6. Brush with shimmer dust (optional)
7. Set the fondant circle on a piece of wax paper
8. Lay your image on the light box
9. Put your fondant circle on top of the light box & image
10. Pipe the image. Carefully pick it up and allow the royal icing to dry.


1 comment:

Doreen said...

Your cupcakes are so beautiful, and I bet delicious too!

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