September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 39th Birthday
and I didn't bake a thing!

We went to dinner Tuesday and my cousin, Pam, surprised me with a lucious lemon bavarian cake from Henning's Bakery.  I hadn't had one of their cakes since our wedding 11 years ago.  It was lemon cake with lemon bavarian filling & lemon buttercream.  So good!

sorry about the picture quality, it is from my mobile phone

Today at the office one of the girls made me a triple chocolate bundt cake. So chocolately and delicious that it doesn't even need frosting or glaze.  Yumm!

Still to come a suprise dessert from my sister! Maybe she'll even do a guest post in the next few days!

Thank you all who've made my birthday a special one! So fortunate to have such wonderful friends & family!



Kate H. said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday was on Wednesday :) said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Seems like the older I get the longer the birthday celebrations.

Elise said...

Yeah, happy birthday! Eat lots of cake!

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