August 17, 2010

Fondant Confetti Tutorial - Custom colors

You will need:
   hole punch
   rolling pin

1. Roll a piece of fondant very thin, thinner than 1/8”

2. Let the fondant sit and airdry for about 15-20 minutes

3. Using a hole puncher, punch the fondant

4. Use the confetti right away. If you want to store it for later use, let it airdry 24 hours before putting it in an
    airtight container



Chic Cookies said...

What a fantastic idea! I posted a link at Edible Crafts (

msubulldog said...

Super smart! And think of the world of hole punches that are out there.....! said...

and I just so happen to own a lot of them!! said...

GENIUS. Genius, genius, genius! I love this soo much, can you tell? =) I would love to link to this idea if you didn't mind. said...

Rachel.. I can tell you LOVE it !

You are welcome to link up anytime :)


Fernanda said...

I cannot believe I just found you now:)
I love your tutorials! More please!

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